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BSRIA's new Residential network brings together stakeholders from across the industry, responsible for the conception, design, delivery and maintenance of dwellings across the country to facilitate dialogue in order to help make the process more effective.

The standards for energy efficiency from new and refurbished residences are becoming increasingly onerous, in response to both a demand for lower operating costs to address the issue of fuel poverty and to help meet Government targets for a reduction in CO2 emissions.

The performance of dwellings, both in terms of their energy efficiency and the quality of their internal environment has been the subject of numerous research projects; including one funded by DECC to investigate the performance gap between the designed and measured performance indicators.

Our Network will bring together experts from various fields to share their knowledge, experience and research findings. There will be an opportunity to evaluate the current level of knowledge and information available in the industry and identify areas where more support and communication needs to be developed. A wide participation will also help understand the most effective dissemination strategies needed to address the specific requirements of our Network members.

This Network is free to BSRIA members only.

Future Events

Details of future Residential Network events will appear here.

Past Events

Building Better Homes Faster Improve & Innovate - 7th December 2018
The Building Better Homes Faster Improve & Innovate follows on the legacy of previous events and marks the end of 2018 series. I am delighted to see CIC supporting the initiative at this end of year event, no better way to highlight the importance of communicating and exchanging knowledge as a sector

Downlaoid the Presentations

BuildingBetter Homes Faster 3 - 13th July 2018
Building on the success of our previous Building Better Homes Faster events, Building Better Homes Faster 3 focuses on residential off-site/modular construction, M&E services, new home construction trends and quality.

Download the presentations:

BuildingBetter Homes Faster 2 - 12th January 2018
Following up from the success of our first Building Better Homes Faster event, that took place in July 2017, the second part of our journey into the world of increased new homes delivery: Building Better Homes Faster 2. Senior speakers covered a range of ‘hot’ construction topics including considerations, challenges and opportunities arising from the sector’s commitment to delivering more, better quality, new homes.

Download the presentations:

Building Better Homes Faster - 7th July 2017
Delivering more new homes has been one of the biggest residential challenges the UK has faced in recent years. The Government has committed to increasing the housing volume delivered per year; targeting to deliver almost 250,000 homes annually. Government, the housebuilding industry and stakeholders need to work together to ensure that these new targets are met and that the quality of these new homes is not compromised.

BSRIA’s Residential Network event discussed the challenges and opportunities in moving this forward, with a select panel of Government and Industry representatives.

Download the presentations:

The future of low energy homes - 24th February 2016
It’s been several months since the Government announced that there will no longer be the requirement for all new domestic build to achieve a zero-carbon standard from 2016. But what impact will this have on the future of the house building industry including quality and energy efficiency standards?

The event demonstrated what the Government’s plans now are following abandonment of its commitment to zero-carbon and an insight into what the scaling back of targets could potential mean for the industry; specifically in context of energy efficiency, performance gap and quality.

Download the presentations:

Residential Workshop - Overheating in homes - 22nd July 2015

There have been increasing concerns that well-insulated homes in the UK are overheating in the summer. With the drive to improve energy efficiency, the focus has generally been on reducing the demand for space heating. Measures such as south facing windows to maximise solar gains and a well-insulated and airtight fabric help achieve this but may lead to uncomfortably high indoor temperatures in the summer.

Download the presentations from below:

Low Carbon Heat for Residences - 12th February 2015

In the publication, “The Future of Heating, A Strategic Framework for Low Carbon Heat in the UK” the Government set out the challenge and approach for decarbonising heat by 2050. Nearly half the energy we use in the UK is used for the provision of heating of one form or another. A number of organisations (DECC, the National Grid, the Committee on Climate Change) have considered the range of pathways that might be taken to achieve this objective.

A significant proportion of the natural gas used in the UK is used for the provision of space heating in domestic properties. This network event explored the different pathways as they relate to the domestic sector, some of the technologies that will help deliver the decarbonisation and consider the human factors that will influence the success or otherwise of the strategy.

Download the presentations and agenda below:

Ventilation in residential buildings - 9th December 2014
BSRIA’s Residential Network was launched earlier this year. Following on from the launch, this event looked at the provisions for ventilation in new homes and in deep-retrofit projects. Homes built (or upgraded) to current standards of energy efficiency are air-tight to minimise heat loss. The provision of fresh air in order to maintain adequate internal air quality is controlled via ventilation systems; both passive and active. These are designed to comply with Part F of the Building Regulations.

Download the presentations below:

Residential Network Launch - 11th September 2014
Our Chair set the scene for the day in context of the performance gap between the designed and actual measured energy efficiency of dwellings. We looked at the Zero Carbon journey to date including the policy drivers and current initiatives; highlighting the early findings from the TSB BPE programme, focussing on the issues observed in building services design, installation and commissioning. We discussed various evaluation and measurement techniques for building fabric and services to help close the performance gap.

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