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Chief Engineers Network

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The Network offers members the opportunity to discuss technical challenges and sources of information from the experiences of others. Topics are chosen from ideas put forward by BSRIA members.

Sustainable Clean Combustion - Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Download the agenda and presentations:

Solid Fuel Stoves - Testing into the future - Friday 29th September 2017

Download the agenda and presentations:

Differential Pressure Control Valves – setting the standard – Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Differential Pressure Control Valves have become a viable option for balancing hydronic systems where pressures may vary due to changing system demand. This has prompted BSRIA in collaboration with industry to develop a test method for testing DPCVs. This chief engineer’s network event served as an opportunity for attendees to discuss in technical detail the considerations, existing options, and the current level of knowledge and information available.

Download the agenda and presentations:

Standards and Performance of Heating Systems in Non-domestic Buildings - Wednesday 21st September

The UK Government has a continued commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 relative to the 1990 levels. Buildings contribute around 40% of UK carbon emissions, with a third of these from non-domestic buildings. Reduction of building emissions will be derived through a combination of less energy use and consideration of low carbon heating systems in buildings. Widespread implementation of low carbon heating technologies has been hindered by high initial cost, a lack of operation performance evidence and suitability of technologies to specific sites.

This was your opportunity to provide BEIS with a better understanding of the current industry knowledge, views on current polices, legislation and voluntary schemes in place for low carbon heating and cooling in the non-domestic sector, to support the policy making process.

Heat Interface Units - setting the standard - 27th June 2014

Do you design, install, operate or maintain Heat Interface Units (HIU’s)?

The need for low carbon energy solutions for homes has stimulated a growing market for HIU’s and is now a popular choice for heating and hot water needs in the UK.
This was a chief engineer’s network event where Heat Interface Units were discussed in technical detail.Our meeting looked at the latest market trends, the design considerations and existing options and the current level of knowledge and information available.

You can download the presentations from the event here:

Standard testing of Heat Interface Units - Colin Judd, BSRIA

Design considerations - a manufacturer's perspective - Charles Mowbray, Ormany Group

Heating trends by 2020, UK - Krystyna Dawson, BSRIA

Helping building services engineers apply low carbon technologies - Jan Hanson, SAV Systems

Heating & cooling interface units - Tony Moneley, Imtech

The Issues With Water - 14th March 2014

Do you design, install, operate or maintain domestic water systems in commercial buildings? If the answer is yes, then this event is for you.

When you invest in a water system it makes sense to also invest in its future. Ensuring that a water system is free of unwanted matter and not damaging equipment is best done before its first use. An appropriate maintenance regime will also improve performance.

The presentations from this event are available to download below:

Paul King - Construction Industry Water Treatment

Reginald Brown - Domestic Water in Commerical Buildings

Paul Millard - The application of regulations

The Pros and Cons of Chilled Beams - 30th October 2013

The first Chief Engineers event was held at the end of October where chilled beams were discussed in technical detail.

Peter Clackett, Skanska Construction’s Chief Engineer, who has worked with BSRIA over the last 10 years on a particularly large installation of chilled beams shared some of his lessons learned and watch points for anyone considering designing, installing or operating them in the future. This was followed by a presentation from William Booth, BSRIA’s building physics expert, who has helped Peter over those 10 years test different makes and models in our test facilities in Bracknell and on site to confirm the installation will maintain the environmental conditions as specified.

Download the presentation:

The Pros and Cons of Chilled Beams - Peter Clackett and William Booth

Detailed write up of The Pros and Cons of Chilled Beams


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