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Contact Networks

BSRIA networks and special interest groups offer our members the opportunity to make new contacts, debate topical issues, and make their voices heard.

Online network resources include: presentations, workshops, research, publications and webinars. All networks are free to BSRIA members, unless otherwise stated.

For more information, please email the Networks Manager or telephone 01344 465512.

To book onto network events, visit the BSRIA events page.

Building Environment Assessment Network 

This Network has now closed. All Environmental Assessment issues are now covered within the Energy & Sustainability Network and th Chief Engineers Network.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Network 

BSRIA's Building Information Modelling Network is currently focused on the preparation of a building services design framework for projects that use Building Information Modelling. This will be a companion guide to the existing BSRIA Design Framework for Building Services (BG6/2009). In addition, this Network is keeping its members up to date with other BIM-related initiatives in the wider construction industry. Places on the publication working group are limited.

Business Network

This network has now closed. For business information please refer to our Business Bulletin or Business Support pages.

Chief Engineers Network

BSRIA's Chief Engineers Network  offers members the opportunity to discuss technical challenges and sources of information from the experiences of others. Topics are chosen from ideas put forward by BSRIA members.

Energy and Sustainability Network

The Energy and Sustainability Network is available for all BSRIA members as part of membership. The network offers members a unique opportunity to hear the latest thinking from the industry and give feedback to BSRIA. Some recent subjects include:

  • Lighting
  • Controls
  • New Technologies
  • Power shortages

Speakers are invited from industry to present case studies and new research. These presentations have often sparked lively debate and give members an opportunity to pick the brains of some of influential professionals.

Networking In The North

The new Networking in the North focuses on all areas of business and energy related to the built environment.  Regular meetings and showcase presentations will offer members a forum to meet and share ideas, and to learn of new projects and technologies of interest.  

Residential Network

BSRIA's new Residential Network will bring together stakeholders from across the industry, responsible for the conception, design, delivery and maintenance of dwellings across the country to faciliate dialogue in order to help make the process more effective.

Smart Network

Aiming to meet approximately four times a year, the Smart Network will each time focus on particular issues of interest to members. Network meetings will include presentations from both BSRIA professionals and from other industry experts, and will also provide the opportunity for frank discussion, either in the form of a workshop or a more informal discussion.

The aim will be to produce some definite conclusions from each meeting, which members can then use to help develop their own strategies for dealing with the smart building revolution.

Soft Landings Network

Join the Soft Landings Network, and can gain from the expertise of professionals currently operating soft landings projects, share experiences and learn good practice from other practitioners. Member benefits include:

  • Free attendance at quarterly briefings and seminars
  • Involvement in the development of soft landings guidance
  • Half day project assistance from BSRIA

An annual subscriptions applies for this network

Wellbeing Network

A business’s most valuable asset is the staff who deliver the work of the organisation. Healthy staff are fundamental to ensuring a company remains efficient and profitable and in turn allows the UK to remain one of the most prosperous and best places to work and live. A large part of an employee’s life is spent at work; therefore, employers are an important part in helping their workers achieve a good quality of life. Find out how BSRIA can help your building imrpove occupants wellbeing here.

Young Engineers Network 

BSRIA is keen to invest in the future of young engineers. Our Young Engineers Network is freely available to those with 10 years or less experience in building services and where your employer is a BSRIA member. The network gives young engineers the chance to meet peers in the industry, participate in workshops, and gain insightful knowledge from BSRIA's experts to help support their career.

Modern Built Environment Knowledge Transfer Network

The Modern Built Environment Knowledge Transfer Network (MBEKTN) is a UK government initiative. BSRIA, along with 3 other partners are involved in the MBEKTN programme, each focusing on different areas of the industry.

Membership to the MBEKTN is free to anyone who wishes to join, and we encourage those interested in knowledge transfer and with an eye for innovation to take part. The aim of the network is to stimulate collaboration between research groups and the built environment industry to encourage technological development and practical applications for innovation.

The network covers key themes including climate change adaption, user behaviour and energy and carbon efficiency.

For more information on the network you can visit the external MBE KTN website.


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