BSRIA Occupant Wellbeing (BOW) Survey

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Occupant wellbeing has come to the focus of building owners as an important factor in the assessment of a building’s overall performance, impacting its green credentials as well as its value.

What is the BSRIA Occupant Wellbeing (BOW) Survey?

The BOW survey is a tool that helps assess occupant satisfaction and wellbeing in buildings, covering the building’s physical environment, indoor facilities, functionality and accessibility. It provides qualitative information that allows building owners and facilities managers to measure the impact of building services operation on occupant perception of wellbeing. The BOW survey can also be used as a tool to gather evidence to support BREEAM, Fitwel, WELL, LEED, and Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) requirements. 

Who benefits from the BSRIA Occupant Wellbeing Survey?

  • Building owners can engage with occupants via the BOW survey to help set and evaluate wellbeing-related success criteria for their new, refurbished or existing buildings. 
  • Building operators can apply the BOW survey to independently identify wellbeing-related issues, develop potential solutions and prioritise actions to improve the building’s performance. 
  • Building occupants can use the BOW survey as a feedback mechanism for building operators to inform them how building performance can improve. 
  • Building performance/post occupancy evaluators can use the BOW survey as a tool to collect qualitative data about the building’s performance. 

How is the BOW Survey carried out?

The BOW survey can be conducted on-line or on-paper and supplemented with a forensic walkthrough of the building. The data is independently collected and analysed by BSRIA engineers, presenting findings within a collection of statistical results, charts, trends of factors and benchmarks.

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BSRIA Occupant Wellbeing Survey

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