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Strategy 2025

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BSRIA has launched a new strategy for the next ten years. This was developed by BSRIA staff, Board and Council in a series of workshops in the latter part of 2014. Download a summary of the BSRIA strategy document.

As input to this strategy we developed three likely scenarios, against which our business ideas can be tested. They are:

GOING IT ALONE; in which the UK pulls out of the EU. There is less regulation and we are more independent minded. Generation of our own power becomes a priority.

SMART TECHNOLOGIES IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF LIFE; society and companies change with technology to take advantage of the opportunities this can bring to people as private individuals and in their work place. We see much more flexibility, for example in working from home. The management of buildings is advanced and BIM level 3 is commonplace.

BIG DECISIONS; in which driven by worries about fuel security, and increasing natural disasters, we move to a more regulated world, with a middle of the road government.

Download a copy of the BSRIA 2025 Scenarios.


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