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BSRIA is delighted to be a partner with the Government Property Profession. BSRIA is a test, instruments, research and consultancy organisation, providing specialist services in construction and building services. As a non-profit distributing, member-based association, clients can be assured of our independent approach and authoritative reputation. Any profits made are invested in our on-going research programme, producing industry recognised best practice guidance.

Sherin Aminossehe, Head of the Government Property Profession
"Welcome to the BSRIA portal where you will be able to see a range of training and events which will be of interest to you as a GPP member. I thank Julia Evans for supporting this partnership and increasing the scope of the GPP's specialist curriculum. I hope all GPP members will regularly visit this site to see what is on offer and take up learning opportunities to meet their own skills and development needs."

Julia Evans CEO

Julia Evans, CEO, BSRIA
"Property professionals play a vital role in making buildings both comfortable for occupants and as energy efficient as possible. BSRIA has been at the forefront of making buildings better for over 60 years and I would like to thank Sherin for supporting this partnership. I hope GPP members find our guidance and support useful to keep up with best practice and to continually improve their property portfolio."

Key BSRIA Services for GPP members

BSRIA membership will help your business do better. Our practical guidance, online information services, networks, webinars and training will ensure you are fully informed and connected. And as membership is corporate, the benefits can be enjoyed by everyone in your organisation.

Training, networks, events and webinars
BSRIA provides a wide range of training courses, networks, events and webinars (short on-line seminars). Our training courses, delivered by BSRIA engineers and associates, have been developed over a number of years with many based on our published best practice guides. Our networks, events and webinars offer opportunities for learning and networking on the latest key issues impacting our industry.

BSRIA’s publications are authoritative, independent, and cover a wide range of topics relating to building services and construction. Browse through our recent releases or search our database for a particular title of interest.

BSRIA provides a range of strategic consultancy and testing services to help facilities managers operate and maintain their buildings more efficiently. Companies come to us for advice because we help them to get more from their building services by recommending strategies and providing site services to make their plant and equipment more reliable, and their operations more efficient.

Decisions made at the design stage are the most important when it comes to building performance, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort. BSRIA offers a one-stop-shop for building design issues, environmental and energy assessment, and Part L compliance, while providing advice for improvement.

Get the latest industry news and events, helping you to keep up with legislation and regulation changes as well as best practice. View our latest news now and sign up for BSRIA’s free monthly e-newsletter.

Training & events

Courses, seminars and webinars