Heat Recovery market is expected to beat the blues十二月 2012

According to a recent BSRIA study which covers the key European countries and the US market, the heat recovery market is expected bring some good news to the HEVAC industry in 2012.

Preliminary BSRIA findings show that the overall European air conditioning market in 2012 is expected fall by 16% by volume, with Southern Europe being hit the hardest. In contrast, the heat recovery market is estimated to grow 8% in volume terms. The market is estimated to be worth €963.5 million in 2012. The main factors supporting the growth are legislation and building regulations, which support the drive towards more energy efficient buildings, rising energy prices, increasing number of passive house construction and growing awareness of indoor air quality. On the downside, the lack of new construction, one of the key drivers means that growth has been dampened, but is expected to be boosted when the new build market starts picking up again.

The study covers; Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden Switzerland, UK and US markets. The biggest market in Europe is Germany with an estimated 117,600 units in 2012 followed by UK and France, 65,000 and 53,000 respectively.

The systems for single family dwellings accounted over 55% of the total market with a value of €374.8 million. The majority of these systems were between the capacity of 150 to 400m3 /h air flow rate, where a single unit supplies fresh air to several rooms in the house.

The forecast is optimistic with an expected compound annual growth rate of 11% for the period of 2011 to 2016. Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland are among those countries where double digit growth is expected. 

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