Electronic security and fire detection - five country market overview四月 2014

BSRIA's latest electronic security and fire detection systems reports contain a focus on market size, industry drivers and restraints, product and vertical segmentations, integration and convergence and forecast up to 2018.

CCTV product segmentation

The reports include:

  • Access control
  • CCTV
  • Intruder Alarm
  • Fire detection systems

After over 8 months of research and numerous interviews carried out with key industry players, BSRIA is proud to release its highly detailed electronic security and fire detection research reports, packed with tables, charts, figures and relevant analysis on market size, trends, growth, technology, industry verticals and forecasts up to 2018, giving the reader a comprehensive view by market segment as well as a general view of the market by country.

Access control product segmentation

Countries covered by the new studies are:

  • China
  • Russia
  • South Africa
  • Turkey
  • UAE

Key findings - Electronic Security

Routes to market for security products
  • CCTV is the largest electronic security market segment across all countries. Three countries out of the five researched have CCTV compound annual growth rates (CAGR) in the double digit range -China, UAE and South Africa-, the two remaining countries (Russia and Turkey) show a single digit CAGR.
  • IP technology sales have already exceeded analogue sales in the CCTV markets of UAE, Turkey and South Africa.
  • At 32%, UAE has the largest proportion of access control system in the total national electronic security market, the lowest proportion was found in China with access control accounting for only 14%
  • The proportion of intruder alarm in the total electronic security market in China is comparatively small.

Key findings - Fire Detection and Alarm

Integration by application
  • China, Turkey and South Africa have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) forecast for the period 2014-18 in excess of 10%. The two country researched (Russia and UAE) show a single digit CAGR.
  • Since 2011, the Chinese fire detection and alarm systems market shows the highest growth rates, and UAE the lowest.
  • Russia still has a large amount of legacy systems equipped with non-conventional devices.
  • Due to the recent adoption of advanced fire systems in buildings, China has the highest penetration rate of addressable equipment in fire detection systems.

Ordering the reports

Each electronic security country report costs £900 per product or £1,600 per country for all 3 products. All 5 countries reports for all 3 products is £7,200, and each fire detection country report cost £1,200 or £5,400 for 5 countries. To order simply contact Scott Taylor on +44 (0)1344 465 642) or wmi@bsria.co.uk.

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