IT 布线和相关技术团队


Lone Hansen - Senior Manager - IT Cabling & Associated Technologies

Lone is the Senior Manager of the I.T. Cabling and Associated Technologies section of BSRIA's Worldwide Market Intelligence Division. She has an MA in Business and Marketing. Lone has twenty three years’ experience in international market research and consultancy covering a range of product areas, countries and regions. Lone has been employed by BSRIA since 1996 and she has been responsible for all cabling and related activities since 1998. Lone speaks Danish and fluent English.

Lone is a global expert in structured cabling. Her team has undertaken a wide range of research of structured cabling in LAN and data centres as well as in-depth reports on Data centre cabling. In the latest DC report 330 end-users in 6 countries and across 6 verticals were researched with regards to usage and trends. Other related themes covered are: Convergence and the Smart Grid.

Lone is also responsible for BSRIA’s Hot Topics covering issues such as new technologies and key market developments of strategic importance for our clients. Topics covered include; Passive Optical LAN, Smart Grid, Building Services in the Cloud, Long Term view of structured cabling market, BEMs in retrofit, Hybrid solutions (heating) etc.

Piero Russo - Senior Market Research Consultant

Piero has 15 years experience in various fields, including 8 years in project management and change management within a banking organisation. Piero holds a MBA, a MSc in Internation al Studies and a postgraduate diploma in International relations and he has been a Fellow at the Graduate Research Centre on Europe of the American University, Washington DC. He also holds a First Honours degree in Economics.

At BSRIA he has, over the last 4 years, been responsible of managing global studies for solar thermal and photovoltaics. His research activity now focuses on a wide variety of research projects mainly for heating and renewable technologies. Nowadays, Piero works in Helsinki (Finland).

Martin Chiesa - Senior Market Research Consultant

Martin has an extensive experience within the marketing field as a former Marketing and Communication Manager. Before moving to the UK, he lived in South America and Spain. At BSRIA, Martin is involved in the global market research of IT networks. In addition, he has also been involved in technology converence in buildings, fire detection systems and energy related projects (Smart Grids, renewables and material substitution research projects, among others). Martin holds a Business Administration degree from the Catalonia Polytechnic University and received his MSc in Marketing from the University of Barcelona. He is a native Spanish speaker, fluent in both English and Catalan, and has basic knowledge of Italian



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